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Spatial Scanning Services-We’ll Crunch The Data For You

Today’s scanning methods can capture large amounts of data, in a relatively short amount of time. For example, with BuildingPoint Spatial Scanning Services, it’s not uncommon for us to capture 2 trillion points of data in a single day. And while this data is immensely powerful, it’s also, well… a lot of data. With post-processing services, BuildingPoint will optimize, sub-sample, segment, file index, and work through the large datasets completely on your behalf, so you’re only left with the data and the measurements that you actually need. Another powerful aspect of this post-processing workflow is the concept of “Scan Now, Analyze Later”. Even though you might only be interested in duct work, or structural components today, with Spatial Scanning Services, BuildingPoint is capturing everything within your project, which means that you have the data at your disposal to analyze later, when and if conditions or circumstances change. To learn more about BuildingPoint’s Post-Processing offerings and capabilities, check out our white paper here.