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We Can Help With Your Tech Resolutions

It’s amazing how just increasing the last digit of the calendar by one integer can lead to so many changes each year. And while BuildingPoint can’t do much to help with goals to visit the gym more often, or eat more vegetables, we more than happy to help with your construction technology initiatives as the new year kicks off. In 2017, BuildingPoint is excited to continue pushing the  envelope when it comes the construction process, and the improvement of specific areas by applying technology that is straight-forward and easy-to-use. In addition to many of the services and solutions you’re already familiar with, the New Year is a great time to take a look at several cutting edge technologies that are already changing the construction project for the better.

Personnel Management

Understanding the crew resources on a project is becoming more important as efficiency and planning continues to become a more prevalent concern. More than just site access control, Trimble CrewSight offers a comprehensive solution for contractors and owners looking to accurately and reliably manage and report on job site personnel. This detailed data can be used to better identify resource discrepancies, and also greatly aid in scheduling and even location-based estimating for future projects.

Document Management

Drawing sets, change management, and project-wide visibility are a key to a well thought out and implemented document management process. With the all-new Trimble ProjectSight, contractors finally have a document management tool that is simple and easy to use, while also offering the powerful markup and visualization tools that bring the entire value of the project’s drawings and models to the users that need the information everyday. And as a next-generation project management solution, ProjectSight is easy to get up and running, you can even get started with a free trial today!

Understanding Existing Conditions

A tape measure, digital camera, and field book remain the industry’s most popular method of capturing existing conditions on a current or future project. For companies that are looking to improve their as-builting process, Spatial Scanning Services is a uniquely powerful option in the contractor and designer’s toolkit. With Spatial Scanning Services, you can have exact representations of your project whether in model, plan, or point cloud form, in days rather than weeks or months.

As your local construction technology partner, BuildingPoint is committed to helping you succeed in 2017. To learn more about any of these technologies, or to simply discuss your company’s New Year’s resolutions, contact your BuildingPoint team member today, or simply give us a call at (813)280-0655.