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Feature: Trimble Updates XR10 FieldLink HoloLens Tool

Trimble enhances its innovative HoloLens-powered tool for construction teams

Industrial mixed reality (MR) developer Trimble introduced a key update on Wednesday for its XR-10 headset that provides HoloLens integration for its FieldLink solution.

FieldLink by Trimble was initially only compatible with external tablets, but now works with the XR 10s holographic visor powered by Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.

Nathan Patton, Trimble Applications Engineer, said Trimble’s MR solutions will bring great benefits to architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) teams, adding: “For people doing the ‘survey dance,’ this is a significant process improvement.”

The comments show that on-site, frontline workers using the XR-10 headset will be able to navigate the solution via eye or hand tracking inputs, allowing operations and maintenance (O&M) and AEC teams to explore MR overlays hands-free, without nee a physical controller.

What is Fieldlink

FieldLink by Trimble is a construction layout and scanning software that improves productivity and accuracy for on-site AEC teams.

The software works by scanning construction instruments and tools to convert objects as 3D digital twins on-site teams can place directly in the field. Using an external tablet, on-site employees can overlay MR assets in real-world environments with LIDAR scanning technology.

Although, now on-site workers can do all of this without needing to work between devices. Instead, they can perform all MR related tasks from within an XR 10 headset, using the Hololens 2 display.

AEC or O&M teams can now work with enhanced efficiency because workforces will no longer need to transfer data between devices for reviewal procedures.

Trimble Backs Forward-Thinking Industry

The Sunnyvale-based firm works closely with tech giant Microsoft to supply on-site workers with an intuitive and efficient MR solution to enhance construction and industrial workflows.

For example, Trimbles flagship XR 10 product comes with HoloLens 2 technology built-in to best benefit industry professionals. The powerful headset comes packed with a vast array of features that enables real-time collaboration and remote guidance.

Some notable features include a fully certified hardhat for worksite use, a 43-degree field of view, eye and hand tracking, holographic menus, and direct quality control support.

Additionally, the firm added Trimble Connect to its latest headset, where on-site workers can visualize, review, and share 3D content in real-time using SKP, DWG, RVT, IFC, and DXF file types.

This gives on-site construction teams the power to rapidly share 3D content such as digital twins between Trimble devices without connectivity issues. Also, tech firm’s Connect solution enhances peer-to-peer collaboration with immersive chat and conferencing features.

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