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3D Scanning for Contractors

Why Should You Scan:

Lower your rework costs

On a typical construction project, rework accounts for 12 to 15 percent of the cost of construction. With laser scanning, the ability to catch conflicts before they happen can reduce rework to 1 to 3 percent or less.

Save thousands

This reduction translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on change orders, not to mention the advantage of keeping the project on schedule. For general contractors, this insight is the single largest benefit of laser scanning.

Provide value throughout the DBO cycle

Scanning progressively during construction to compare with as-designed models and drawings, provide archival records, and document critical milestones provides tremendous value throughout the construction process as well as to the owner as the building is managed, maintained and renovated.

Lower risk

Laser scanning helps lower contractor risks by ensuring as-built drawings are accurate and by exposing any inaccuracies early in the process, before they turn into change orders during construction. The benefits of laser scanning do not stop at preconstruction coordination.

BuildingPoint Northeast is your local partner for Trimble 3D scanner sales, rentals and services.  If you’re interested in a demo or what more information please fill out the form to the right and one of our scanning experts will be in touch.