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New York City Site Safety Training (SST) Law

NYC Local Law 196

New York City Site Safety Training (SST) law,  is specifically targeted at workers who perform construction and demolition activities within all NYC borough jurisdictions.

The New York City Building Code now requires that each permit holder at a building site for which a construction superintendent, site safety manager or site safety coordinator is required is responsible for documenting that their workers have adequately completed the requisite safety training. 

The way to comply with Local Law 196 is to document that every worker at the building site possesses an appropriate OSHA Site Safety Training (“SST”) Card, and that at least one responsible person at the  job site has an OSHA SST Supervisor Card.  Once your team is trained, how do you stay compliant with the new code?

Let CrewSight by Trimble track the certifications held by everyone on a job site, allow or deny access to workers without compliant training, generate required records logs, and so much more.

Authorized Entry

Labor Reporting

Jobsite Security

Efficient Onbaording

Health& Safety


With many successful installations throughout NYC, CrewSight by Trimble is the best solution for staying compliant with Local Law 196.

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