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No Project Is Straight

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Deliver accurate field work while eliminating re-work

No one knows your project, your layout needs, or oversees quality control better than your team.

Unlike old-school tape measures, string line and plumb
bobs, modern tools such as total stations and 3D scanners enable you to measure angles, distances and determine location with speed and precision. Not only does this save time for crews in the field, but it also makes their job easier. Instead of having to carry and flip through a set of drawings to find dimensions to
incorporate onsite, they now have everything they
need digitally. Accurate measurements and layout
prevent wasted time and costly mistakes.

Straight Talk: Read the real-life scenarios where Trimble technology made life easier for contractors.

RTS Provides an 85% Reduction in Labor Cost Plumber Reaches Tolerances Within 1/16 of an Inch With Trimble Layout Gear 1,000 panels installed in 4 days thanks to 3D scanning – click for full story! 3D Scans For Mechanical Room Renovations No rework on placement of 875,000 dowels BIM, Tekla & Total Stations for Complex Steel Fabrication Projects Connecting Building Information Models to Robotic Total Stations RTS Unit Discovers 4″ Error, Saves Contractor Thousands Complex geomtry of atrium build is no problem for BIM

With an intuitive interface, easy workflow and set-up, you can quickly take full advantage of Trimble field layout hardware to increase your efficiency while saving time and money.

We’ve got the solutions to help you succeed on every project.

Robotic Total Stations

• Establish project control
• Checking or tying in to property boundaries
• Layout of excavation lines
• Layout of concrete forms and anchor bolts
• Layout of interior framing
• As-built checks
• Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
• Light topographical measurements
• See what your RTSsees with Trimble Vision

Active Prisms

• Perfect in busy surroundings; road signs, cars, other
prisms or reflective surfaces will not disrupt your connectivity
• 360-degree visibility
• 7.4V Li-Ion battery


• 300° vertical field of view simplifies overhead work.
• Highly visible green laser lets you mark the spot easily.
• Self-leveling head unit
• See what the instrument sees with Trimble VISION          technology

Kenai Tablet

• Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64 bit)
operating system
• 10.1” full-color, sunlight readable Gorilla® Glass
multi-touch capacitive display
• 8 MP rear camera with LED flash for photos and
• Fully rugged design to IP65 and MIL-STD-810G

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