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Trimble Field Link – Changing Construction Layout

Having fantastic project layout documentation makes the entire points layout process exponentially easier. But having fantastic project layout data accessible in the field, that can be a transformative capability. With Trimble Field Link 4.0, contractors have a tool that can handle even the most complex layout and as-built tasks with simplicity, ease, and of course, accuracy. More than just a new version number slapped onto a previous software revision, Trimble Field Link (TFL) 4.0 represents an evolutionary step forward for people and teams who perform construction layout.

Keeping the Main Thing The Main Thing

At it’s core, TFL ensures to tackle first things first. Points layout has been re-imagined to be more intuitive, and more efficient. Whether you’re placing points, lines, arcs, or even offsets, TFL 4.0 creates an easy-to-understand workflow that allows accurate layout, regardless of project or task complexity. The main layout interface places all of the common buttons along the perimeter, leaving a wide, expansive view to explore the model or line work. This powerful situational awareness makes laying out points, even on intricate or detailed projects, a simple and management task.

2D Or 3D – You Can Have Both

Trimble Field Link has always thrived in visualization. Whether working with traditional 2D plans or 3D models, or a combination of the two, this powerful solution has provided the industry’s most unified approach. With 4.0, this approach is even more refined. Boasting a completely redesigned drawing engine, Trimble Field Link allows the user to display, manipulate and explore even the most complex 3D models. In addition, it couldn’t be easier to show and hide different layers and components, regardless of whether you’re working in 2D or 3D views, allowing you to see just the data you want to, and nothing else.

Data Prep Done Right

Speaking of seeing the data, Trimble Field Link Office is an entirely new concept as well. With TFL Office, both field and office users finally have the ability to see precisely the same data set. This unified approach allows data managers and layout point creators to leverage the same interface and workflow as their field counterparts, while also leveraging the power of a traditional workstation or laptop computer. With these two solutions combined, office and field finally have a common language to discuss, understand, and evaluate field layout datasets. Trimble Field Link 4.0 is much more than just another software upgrade. With this new version, the workflow, process, and actual layout and as-built tasks have been radically changed to add simplicity and familiarity to your layout routines. If you would like to learn more about TFL 4.0, contact your BuildingPoint representative for a on-site demo, or head over to Trimble’s Field Link page