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Trimble FieldLink

Providing a unified combination of hardware and software, Trimble FieldLink increases productivity and accuracy in the field, reduces rework, and provides easy-to-use, task-based workflows.

Designed to simplify layout for construction professionals, Trimble FieldLink makes short-work of layout projects for fast results with the Robotic Total Station, Rapid Positioning System and GNSS solutions.

The software was designed specifically to reduce complexity, so crews with varying skills are able perform automated layout successfully. With proven performance gains of 200% over traditional workflows, Trimble FieldLink is transforming the work of construction layout.

One software for all your layout needs

Customizable, Easy-to-Use Interface

Taking full advantage of the Trimble Tablet’s processor and multi-touch screen functionality, Trimble FieldLink has been designed to work the way you work. Featuring intuitive workflows, office (BIM) to field connection, 2D & 3D job data in the field and an easy to use interface, Trimble FieldLink is the single software solution contractors trust for their construction layout tasks.

One Software Means One Solution for All Layout Tasks

Never switch between multiple software solutions or controller units again. With a simplified user interface (UI) and improved task-based workflows, Trimble FieldLink now works with a range of instruments for both interior and exterior layout including Trimble Robotic Total Stations, the Trimble Rapid Positioning Tool and GNSS receivers. Field layout crews can now use the most suitable positioning technology for unique layout tasks without switching between multiple controller units or field software, and requiring no additional training.

Better Visibility by Connecting the Office (BIM) to the Field

Give field crews the visibility to the detailed information they need to make faster, more accurate decisions. Trimble provides contractors the only process for construction-ready BIM, connecting them to the important field details and actionable items for project visibility and ongoing maintenance. Featuring CAD-based field point creation solutions as part of the detailing process, contractors can easily export a design file and import that file into Trimble FieldLink, helping to reduce errors and maximize productivity.

Modular Feature Packs

Trimble’s modular feature packs provide contractors the flexibility to implement only the functionality that they need.

Sophisticated Field Reporting

View multiple layout reports and document existing site conditions for RFI communications and change orders.

Advanced Layer Control

Select an object in the model view to highlight the layer it’s on, and quickly turn the layer on or off.

Real-Time Visualizations

Users are able to more accurately and effectively point and measure job site features.

Improved Visual Layout

Easily identify and lay out points directly on a surface for hanger and insert positions located on the ceiling.

Enchanced Dynamic Joystick

Smoother operation and a nudge feature to accurately control where the laser is aimed when taking as-built measurements.

Trimble FieldLink for MEP - One Software for All Your Layout Needs

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