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Trimble Data Bridge EMP120 Radio Bundle

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SKU: 122507-01-2-FTG

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A “sled” that takes the EMPOWER concept further to allow an EM120 Cirronet Radio Module to support not only Trimble Empower Host Devices (e.g. Trimble TSC7) but also on non-empower enabled devices. (T10 Tablet and Panasonic Tablets)

Allows communication between Trimble robotic-enabled total stations and Bluetooth-enabled devices when paired with an EM120 2.4 GHz.  Providing seamless integration to robotic total stations through a wider range of data collectors—without compromising range or robotic functionality.
Note this accessory is not compatible with Trimble SX10 or SX12 Instruments. Complete with EMP120 Radio Device.

T100 Tablets require the Radio device only.