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Foundations Episode #1 – Introduction

Introducing Foundations – An On-Going DBO Conversation

Today, we’re thrilled to announce and release the first episode of Foundations, a podcast focused solely on emerging trends and ideas within the Design-Build-Operate marketspace. This bi-weekly show will cover any variety of topics, and is intended to be a conversation, rather than a sales pitch or infomercial for any particular product or service. As a growing worldwide network of construction technology experts, BuildingPoint has a unique ability to cover many of these emerging concepts with a perspective and angle that is simply unavailable anywhere else in the industry. Our plan is to release 18 episodes a year, on a roughly bi-weekly basis. In each show, we’ll cover a single topic, and we’ll be joined by a variety of industry experts, thought leaders, and real-world users, to help bring additional viewpoints to the conversation. Subscribing to the podcasts couldn’t be easier. We’ll be posting each episode to all of the major podcast outlets including iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play. In our first episode, we’re simply setting the table for Foundations, talking about what it is, and what is not, and really just explaining what you can expect in the coming months. As the leader in Design-Build-Operate solutions, BuildingPoint is thrilled to serve contractors, designers, and owners within this rapidly changing segment. With Foundations, we encourage you to join in the conversation, as we continue to push the industry forward together. Visit buildingpointflorida.con/foundations and subscribe today!