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Meet Scan’s Best Friend

Unleash more productivity with a clear and continuous picture of progress on your job site with Spot — the autonomous construction robotics solution.

The alliance with Boston Dynamics permits Trimble® exclusivity to sell and support the Spot robot with integrated Trimble solutions for 3D laser scanning, robotic total stations, and GNSS technologies for the building construction and civil construction markets. This turnkey solution will streamline the operation of the Trimble payloads and the Spot robot platform to provide virtual design and construction teams a clear picture of jobsite progress on an ongoing basis through autonomous construction data collection workflows. Trimble technologies integrated with Spot enable accurate, scalable and rapid data acquisition while Trimble’s construction collaboration platforms provide a continuous flow of information between field and office.

Exclusive Turnkey Solution for Autonomous Construction Data Collection

Trimble X7 Laser Scanner

Easily collect highly accurate point cloud information and 3D imagery to compare against CAD/BIM models for use in Design Validation, Progress Monitoring, Deviation & Surface Analysis, and Clash Detection.

Spot Defender

Safely Mount the X7 Laser Scanner to Spot the robot, while providing lateral protection for the Trimble X7 Scanner and the Spot robot in case of a fall.

Velodyne LiDAR Puck

The Velodyne LiDAR enhances the range and accuracy of Spot’s autonomy system for use on large sites and is one-half of the Enhanced Autonomy Package.

Boston Dynamics Spot CORE

Spot CORE provides dedicated processing for applications requiring on-robot computation and is one-half of the Enhanced Autonomy Package.

Boston Dynamics Spot Enterprise Robot

Spot Enterprise comes equipped with self-charging capabilities and the Spot Dock, allowing it to perform longer inspection tasks and data collection missions with little to no human interaction.

Spot Dock

The Spot Dock is a self-charging station for Spot Enterprise that transforms the robot into a truly autonomous remote inspection and 3D capture tool.

Meet Spot

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