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FieldLink V6.3 Release Notes

This update will change the file type you send to the field and how jobs / projects are accessed & organized.

Some of the new features that are in FieldLink V6.3 include:

  • Create a new FieldLink Project 
    • The new file is called a TFLX format. It contains TFL, model and scan data in sub folders below it
  • Load/create multiple TFL files for layout as well as scan/model data
  • Show how to transfer the data to Connect
  • Report status of points laid out in Connect
  • Not Covered: File structure which is similar but instead of a .tfl/.trb in the jobs folder, a project folder is created under C:\Users\sostrow\Documents\FieldLink

Bug Fixes

  • After replacing battery, after battery pull scenario, instrument position is cleared
  • If section box is present it should default to non-structured RCP
  • Non-Structured RCP file export issues
  • “Low Range Fast Capture” scan setting not available when using X7 Firmware R2.4.5
  • X7 – Remove the ‘Perspective Mode’ icon while in layout if the user is connected to an X7
  • Gridded/Non-Gridded E57 export is not functioning
  • Switching to Map from RTS Instrument Calibration causes a persistent “Closing vision…” pop up
  • Changing the group name of active group in station manager while in station view misbehaves
  • Guidance bar information in Layout Point is not getting reset after device disconnection
  • While exporting as Non-Gridded E57, point cloud is not getting colorized
  • FieldLink crashes while importing PDF model file after second time
  • Auto orient doesn’t show up in the notification manager
  • UI issue observed in transfer to floor and ceiling feature between licenses
  • Station clearing with RPT causes unusable map
  • French translation issues
  • Scan Marker Point X,Y,Z discrepancy (difference) when interrogated via Map View vs Scan Station View
  • Points not snapping to Circles in Create->From Model feature
  • A temporary freeze (lock-up) occurs upon connecting to an X7 via WiFi
  • “Deleting project” toast is blank in all languages

Improvements and Features

  • Import TSX files from Spot
  • Autonomous FieldWalk Support
  • Option to remove point overlay on camera
  • Trimble Field Link Metric Only Support – restrict the temperature setting to “Celsius”
  • Export Options for RCP – Structured and Non-Structured
  • Align scan to station setup orientation even if X7 is moved
  • Support Windows 11 for FieldLink 6.3 (only on PC, for T100 it is still recommended to stay on Windows10)
  • Render By Height/Inspection color scale should show scale range in job units
  • Access to external Hard drives through FieldLink
  • X7 Cybersecurity Update
  • Support new X7 Firmware R2.4
  • Rename Gridded E57 and Non Gridded E57 as E57 – Structured and E57 – Non structured
  • Improvements to the ‘Compute Area’ tool
  • Support for DTR301Y Tablet
  • New Project Management Menu (refer to user guide for instructions)
  • New TFLx Project Converter (refer to user guide for instructions)

Supported Hardware, Firmware and Operating System

This version of FieldLink software works with the following and firmware combinations:

  • RTS573, RTS655, RTS673 – Firmware: C10.11.1
  • RTS771, RTS773, RTS873 – Firmware: B3.11.1
  • SPS610, SPS710 – Firmware: C10.11.1
  • RPT600 – Firmware: R1.1.28
  • R8s – Firmware: 5.50
  • SPS986 – Firmware: 6.10 (Package includes 5.50 & 6.10)
  • X7 – Firmware: R2.4.102

Note: The firmware can be installed from Trimble Installation Manager or your local service provider. To install the new firmware, follow the instructions given by the firmware update tool. For best results, connect your PC directly to the instrument via the USB cable.

This version of FieldLink software works with the following controllers:

  • Trimble T100 (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft)
  • DTR301Y 10.1” Tablet (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft)
  • Trimble T10 (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft)
  • Panasonic FZ-M1 (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft) 
    • no scan module support

This version of FieldLink software works with the following Windows OS:

  • Windows 11 (only recommended on PC for now)
  • Windows 10 (PC, T10, T100, and DTR301Y)

Helpful videos

FieldLink TFLX Files in Trimble Connect
Convert an older TFL file