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Robotic Total Stations Put More Profit In Concrete Jobs


Reduce your workforce and save time, too? Now that’s a win-win for any operation, and one of the reasons concrete contractors turn toward robotic total stations for laying out projects. “I eliminate one person, plus I can locate the points much faster than with a mechanical total station,” says Neal Weiler. The president of Weiler Walls, Inc., in Denver, Pa., purchased a robotic total station in 2006 and hasn’t touched his conventional one since then.

“With a robotic total station, no one needs to be at the instrument,” he explains. “My data collector is clamped to the pole and I just keep walking, and the total station keeps on shooting until I zero in on the point. Not only do I save the labor cost associated with having an individual at the station and the pole, the fact that the system is continually shooting saves time having the prism holder plumb the rod and then the individual at the instrument shooting.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE