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Connect your office to the field with a Trimble tablet, a rugged and fully connected field computer for construction measurements and site positioning.

Trimble Tablets are tough and portable field computing solutions. With a Trimble Tablet, you can connect your office to the field, with the perfect tool for construction measurements, jobsite layout, and and site positioning. The Trimble T10, with it’s larger display is designed for the needs of construction professionals. With a variety of connectivity options, a full blown Windows 10 operating system, and Trimble Field Link, Trimble Tablets are the perfect solution for your field computing needs.

Built for big jobs

  • The Trimble T10 tablet brings the advantages of fast computing power and a large screen to the field. With  a 10.1″ screen, rear facing camera, and Windows 10 operating system, the T10 will get the job done, no matter the job.
  • A high screen resolution screen offers enhanced interaction, providing accurate, detailed information to help you make informed decisions out on site. Integrated wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi, 4G LTE cellular and 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum radio to control the Trimble RTS Series total stations.
  • For complete field to office workflow solution, utilize Trimble field and office software such as Trimble Acces, Trimble TerraFlex, and Trimble Business Center to process and manage your data, and create high quality deliverables for your organization.
  • The Trimble T10 is built tough. Unlike modern consumer-grade tablets, the IP65-rated Trimble T10 with military-grade ruggedness certification will withstand anything the elements throw at you. Protect against rain, mud, dust, sand and extreme temperatures, as well as drops and shocks. Your collected data is secure no matter what you encounter.

Key Features:

  • Fast and powerful processing to support demanding field applications and create high-quality deliverables even when outside of the office
  • Enhanced interaction with detailed map and imagery through large 10.1-inch, high resolution display
  • Full Windows desktop applications brings the office to the field
  • Rugged form factor and long battery life for all day field operations even in tough environments
  • Optional integrated 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum radio for connectivity with optical instruments

Trimble T10 Tablet

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