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Trimble Connect AR

View 3D Models on Site In Augmented Reality

Trimble® Connect® AR is an augmented reality application for construction projects that enables contractors to bring their BIM data to the job site.

Integrating with Trimble Connect and the Trimble Mixed Reality portfolio, Connect AR gives project managers, engineers and contractors the ability to visualize 3D models in real life, on site and in context at 1:1 scale. The model can be accessed via a smart phone or tablet, using the Trimble Connect cloud based collaboration platform.

Key Benefits

Connect AR is an extension of the Trimble Connect for Mobile application. It integrates with Trimble Connect and the Trimble mixed-reality portfolio, making teams more collaborative, and enabling workers in the field to get more value from constructible 3D models.


Resolve Problems Before They Occur

Close the project loop for stakeholders on-site and in the office through augmented reality with Trimble Connect for use on iPad, iPhone, and Google AR Services-supported Android devices.


Improve Efficiency

Visualize and interact with 3D data onsite and in the field to stay on schedule and avoid rework and extra costs.


Increase Productivity

Encourage real-time collaboration and transparency among stakeholders to avoid errors and delays.


Put Vision into Context

See the design intent on your jobsite. Empower field workers to make more informed decisions by giving models real-world context.

Simplify QA/QC Workflows

Trimble Connect AR simplifies your Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) workflows, by identifying virtual to real clashes or coordination issues, verifying as-built conditions comply with the design, and allowing for consistent communication and collaboration.

View BIM Models in Augmented Reality

Trimble Connect AR allows you to place your 3D models in their actual location onsite. Complex situations become intuitive as you see the problem directly in the real-world context.

Accurately Position Models to Overlay the Real World

By establishing an accurately-positioned network of QR Markers, busy construction professionals can quickly and easily position their models on their job site.

Capture and Share AR Photographs via Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect AR photographs can be captured and shared with the project team via Trimble Connect. These can easily flow into subsequent RFI/punch/checklist workflows.

Integration with Trimble Connect and Trimble Field Tools

Utilize a turnkey Trimble solution with Trimble Connect, our software that provides simple web-based workflows to manage models and other data, and Trimble Robotic Total Stations, used to establish a highly accurate QR Marker network.

Industry-leading 3D Performance

Load large or complex models with minimal data preparation. Trimble Connect AR supports all common AEC file formats (not just a subset).

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