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Trimble Realworks

Trimble RealWorks is specifically designed for point cloud processing and analysis.  The software provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model and create deliverables using data from virtually any source.

RealWorks has automated tools for registration and point cloud cleanup, works efficiently with tools and workflows made for point cloud processing and has the industry’s largest selection of point cloud processing tools which include registration, surface creation, and  surface to surface comparison and modeling.

Point cloud processing and analysis software for 3D laser

Registration Alignment

Powerful tools in Trimble RealWorks manage, process, and analyze large data files containing millions of points, enabling you to produce high-quality deliverables. Users can easily register scans together using one of several methods: cloud-based, target-based, target-less or geo-referencing.

Modeling Tools

Trimble RealWorks can model diverse shapes to represent the as-built environment by creating CAD compliant 3D solid objects. With the Trimble RealWorks Modeling module enables contractors to create partial or full models very quickly, and is particularly suited to applications where modeled geometries enhance or complete the impact and scope of final deliverables. Additionally, the EasyPipe™ tool allows for automatic modeling of pipes by extracting measured points to generate an accurate pipe diameter and run. Models are perfectly aligned and connected.

Preconstruction Design Assist

Trimble RealWorks gives users the ability to overlay modeled point cloud conditions with your MEP design model (including your Trimble CAD detailing software) to identify conflicts between design and construction. Verify prefabricated units will fit on the project site by overlaying the scan data in your model before fabrication and shipping.


Whether looking to share the data with a general contractor, another sub, or internally Trimble RealWorks offers a variety of collaboration tools for viewing the point cloud data. Trimble RealWorks Viewer gives everyone the ability to view and manipulate scan data in the Trimble RealWorks environment. The Publisher Tool compresses projects into an Internet Explorer-readable package for use by customers and project stakeholders without installing any additional software.

Key Features:

  • Collaboration with key stakeholders: Whether with Trimble RealWorks Viewer or the Publisher Tool collaborating and gathering feedback during a project is easy.
  • Easily work with data after collected: The tools within Trimble RealWorks allow users to process and easily export to their preferred CAD platform for further modeling.
  • Easily Detail Existing Pipe: Automatically create pipe from point cloud data using the EasyPipe tool.
  • Preconstruction Design Assist: Overlay modeled point cloud conditions with your MEP design model (including your Trimble CAD detailing software) to identify conflicts between design and construction.

Trimble Realworks Version 11.1

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